Aluminum roller shutters


Aluminium shutters are durable!

Shutters influence the style of the façade. Our large array of shutter shapes, surfaces, colours, slats and panels make it possible to satisfy individual preferences as well as architectural requirements.

Shutters regulate light, shade and view. When shut, they inhibit burglars and improve thermal and acoustic insulation.

Aluminium- shutters have an insulating effect and are heat-resistant. Thanks to high quality Aluminium and corrosion protected fittings, our shutters are durable, robust, weather resistant and low maintenance.

Roller shutters

Roller shutters are multi-functional elements. Apart from darkening, regulating light and serving as sight protection they also provide additional safety and thermal insulation when shut.

There are two easy ways of operating our roller shutters: the manual operation via strap is the fast way, the operation via motor is comfortable and programmable.

The roller shutters made of foam filled aluminium profiles offer increased stability, improve thermal insulation and do not fade, even in darker colour executions.

Thanks to the wide range of colours our roller blinds systems can be installed harmoniously into any kind of façade.